Cyberways and Waterways Family Project

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TitreCyberways and Waterways Family Project
CréateurMartin J. Ward
TypeJournal Article
AuthorMartin J. Ward
Type de contenuJournal Article
Abstract NoteA collaborative endeavor between Texas A&M University–Corpus Christi and Miller High School resulted in the Cyberways and Waterways Family Project, a unique partnership of educators, families and high school students. University and high school faculty engaged ninth grade biology students and their parents in water testing of Corpus Christi Bay, while the younger siblings participated in an on–site “writer's camp.” The families' shared learning experiences were recorded in PowerPoint presentations produced by the parents and students. The project created new school–university networks and will serve as a springboard for future collaborative action research.
Journal AbbreviationApplied Environmental Education & Communication
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Publication TitleApplied Environmental Education & Communication
TitreCyberways and Waterways Family Project
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