Missing links: Family history and the documents collection

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Susan L. Fales et Michael A. Monahan, “Missing links: Family history and the documents collection,” Portail documentaire EnJeu[x], consulté le 19 avril 2024, https://collections.enfance-jeunesse.fr/items/show/1508.

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TitreMissing links: Family history and the documents collection
CréateurSusan L. Fales
CréateurMichael A. Monahan
TypeJournal Article
AuthorSusan L. Fales
AuthorMichael A. Monahan
Type de contenuJournal Article
Abstract NoteDocuments collections abound in source material for genealogists and family historians. However, most of the available articles on family history sources in government publications are aimed at the family historian and not the documents librarian. This article tries to remedy that situation by providing an organized selective listing of types of government publications that could be used by students of family history. Documents call numbers are provided when possible. It affords documents librarians an opportunity to assess their collection holdings and to prepare bibliographies and guides to assist in patron research.
Access Date2015-07-01 14:32:06
Journal AbbreviationGovernment Publications Review
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Publication TitleGovernment Publications Review
Short TitleMissing links
TitreMissing links: Family history and the documents collection
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