Genealogy and Family History


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S. M. Otterstrom et Rob KitchinNigel Thrift, “Genealogy and Family History,” Portail documentaire EnJeu[x], consulté le 20 juin 2024,

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TitreGenealogy and Family History
CréateurS. M. Otterstrom
CréateurRob KitchinNigel Thrift
TypeBook Section
AuthorS. M. Otterstrom
EditorRob KitchinNigel Thrift
Type de contenuBook Section
Abstract NoteFamily historians, genealogists, and historical population and cultural geographers have much in common. Genealogy and family history research have a natural overlap with historical geography because they all deal with people who lived and died in the places of preceding eras. Genealogists are usually most concerned with finding related individuals using clues that include possible locations of life events, while historical geographers are more often focused on how larger social processes shaped bygone physical and cultural landscapes. Successful genealogists often see the need to understand historical regional and international events that influenced migration patterns, and to recognize the effects of changing political boundaries on their research techniques. Similarly, historical geographers have noticed that family histories and genealogies have great potential to help answer crucial questions regarding past places. Advances in computer and Internet technology have resulted in the accelerating availability of easily accessible and searchable genealogical records that can be used by genealogists and historical geographers alike. As the popularity of genealogy grows and as digital resources and search technologies multiply, the commonalities between historical geography and family history will most likely inspire greater success in both arenas of endeavor.
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Book TitleInternational Encyclopedia of Human Geography
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TitreGenealogy and Family History
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